In around 1920, soon after the BSA formed , the organization began keeping files on adult leaders and volunteers who committed various crimes and offenses. These files were originally called the Red Flag Files, some decades later, they were renamed the Confidential Files and then the name was changed to the Ineligible Volunteer or as they are commonly known to day, the I.V. Files. The IV Files are made up of six categories of offenses including Morals, Financial, Leadership, Theft and Criminal. By far the largest category is the Perversion Files or “P Files” as the BSA internally refers to them. The Perversion Files contains the names of those adult leaders who have been accused of or convicted in a criminal court of molesting or otherwise sexually abusing Boy Scouts.

Largest Verdict Ever Against Boy Scouts of America

As a result of my 2010 case against the BSA, which not only resulted in a 19.9 million dollar verdict – the largest verdict ever against the Boy Scouts of America – the Perversion Files were released to the public for the first time by order of the Oregon Supreme Court. These files covered the period 1965 through 1985. Those documents are available by clicking here. The files are redacted which means that the names of the victims and other innocent persons are blacked out. Since 2012 I have also obtained the release of files for other years in Minnesota and Texas but these files have not been made public. Moreover, as a result of the Portland case other attorneys throughout the nation have used our arguments to obtain the files in jurisdictions like Minnesota, Connecticut, New Jersey and California.

Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Attorney Paul Mones

If you were abused by a Boy Scout leader between 1965 and 1985, you can search this index by using that persons last name. Please know that not every adult leader who sexually abused a boy scout between 1965 and 1985 is in these files. The reason for this is the unfortunate fact is that most victims never report their abuse and most abusers therefore are not reported. If you have any questions about these files or how they work, please contact my office and I will be do my best to answer your questions. If you have questions concerning the sexual abuse of scouts during other periods of time, please feel free to contact my office.