Contact Our Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Attorney

While California’s new statute of limitations law gives victims of long-past abuse a three-year window to come forward, the sooner you contact an attorney like Paul Mones the better.

BSA have declared bankruptcy, if you are a victim of sexual abuse you have limited time to file your claim.

There is no way to know exactly what would happen, but based on what has happened in similar situations, it is likely that BSA would continue to operate while negotiating with its creditors. All victims of abuse who could potentially come forward would be considered creditors. The courts could then approve a huge settlement agreement with all creditors — aka sexual abuse victims — that sets aside a pot of money victims can make claims against. Such an agreement makes it easy for victims to seek compensation, but only for a limited amount of time. The deadline could be as short as 4-6 months, and any claim filed after the deadline would likely be rejected.

Current and former Scouts who suffered heinous abuse at the hands of BSA volunteers and employees could have the courthouse door slammed in their face. It is therefore critical that victims who are considering filing a case speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Paul Mones has dedicated his career to seeking justice for the victims of sexual abuse. He represented the victim in the largest verdict against the Boy Scouts of America to date, was responsible for getting the BSA’s I.V. files released to the public, and is prepared to help as many victims as possible get closure and move forward.

Paul Mones has a proven track record in represented abuse survivors for over three decades *

Attorney Paul Mones has been representing victims years before sexual abuse became the prominent issue it is today. He is a skilled trial lawyer who has obtained tens of millions of dollars for his clients in verdicts and settlements  against a wide variety of institutions. For example, in 2010, he won a 19.8-million-dollar jury verdict against the Boy Scouts of America. This was the  largest verdict ever rendered against that organization. And in 2007 he and his co-counsel won an 11.45 million-dollar jury verdict against a Catholic Diocese in the New York. According to the verdict  remains to this day the largest verdict ever rendered against a Diocese in New York and  one of the largest jury verdicts ever rendered against a Diocese anywhere in the United States.


$19.9 million-dollar verdict

In 2010 against the Boy Scouts of America on behalf of one scout sexual abused by his scoutmaster.


$11.45 million-dollar

Jury verdict in 2007 against the Diocese of Rockville Centre on behalf of two teens sexually abused by their music minister.


$5.95 million dollar settlement

On behalf of 4 victims molested in a youth organization.


$3.25 million settlement

On behalf of a boy molested in a youth organization.


$2.8 million dollar settlement

Settlement on behalf of a student sexually abused in a California school.


$2.6 million dollar settlement

On behalf of 4 victims molested in a youth organization.