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Victims of sexual abuse by members of the clergy deserve to have their abusers and those who employed them be brought to justice. 

All sexual abuse is abhorrent, but there is something particularly vile about abuse at the hands of a religious leader. It is sickening that the men and women trusted to lead a flock of believers could let such evil into their hearts. Unfortunately, it happens far more often than religious institutions would like to admit. 

An Opportunity To Abuse 

They say power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Sexual abuse by members of the clergy is what happens when religious power, the ultimate absolute, corrupts absolutely. It is a literal perversion of all things holy.

One of the reasons sexual abuse by clergy members is so prevalent is the easy access to children in religious institutions.  

Abusive clergy members isolate their victims, they make them feel worthless, they become perceived as a second-hand savior and then strike. It’s classic grooming behavior. 

You Are Not Alone 

One of the most heart-breaking things we hear from our clients who were abused by a member of the clergy is that they thought they were alone. Until they saw a story on the news about others who were abused, or something in their mind clicked, they thought they were the only one who went through what they did. Many spent years thinking they did something wrong instead of blaming the predator that hurt them. 

We are here to say that you are not alone, and you are not the one at fault. We are here to stand with you. We are here to spread the word that victims are not to blame. Abusers and the organizations that shelter them are the villains in this story. 

Whether you were abused recently, or decades ago, it is time to hold those who are responsible accountable — both abusers and the organizations that harbored them. Every victim deserves the opportunity to have their story heard so they can begin to heal. 

The Just Compensation You Deserve 

Seeking just compensation for the abuse that you endured can help you move on in ways you never anticipated. It can also send a message to the world, that abuse will no longer be quietly swept under the rug. Religious organizations will be held accountable for abuse by the clergy members they employed.

Paul Mones has over 30 years of experience representing victims of sexual abuse. He has helped many of them seek compensation and expose the hypocrisy at the heart of organizations that are supposed to be dedicated to the greater good. 

In 2010, he and his co-counsel won the largest verdict ever — $19.9 million — against the Boy Scouts of America and spearheaded the subsequent release of documents that disclosed just how much the BSA knew about the abusers it supported or employed. 

Paul Mones has also represented numerous victims of Catholic clergy abuse throughout the nation. In 2000, he and his co-counsel tried the first sexual abuse case to a jury against the Archdiocese of New York. In 2007, he and his co-counsel obtained an $11.45 million jury verdict against the Diocese of Rockville Centre in New York on behalf of two victims — the largest verdict rendered to date against a Diocese in New York.

Paul Mones and his team are ready to help you seek the compensation you deserve. 

California Clergy Abuse Lawyer Paul Mones

Losing the ability to trust because you have suffered abuse at the hands of a religious leader you once respected or admired shakes you to your core. Even years later it can be difficult to connect with others because you can never forget how you were once so viciously betrayed. 

Decades of working on behalf of victims of sexual abuse have helped Attorney Paul Mones and his team develop a keen understanding of the emotional and psychological obstacles faced by those who seek to hold their abusers accountable. Attorney Mones and the rest of the teamwork hard to be the sort of people that you can rely on and gradually learn to trust even if trusting others is hard for you.

Filing a lawsuit is not going to erase your memories of abuse, or the years of pain you have endured. However, if you come forward you may be eligible for just compensation. More importantly, you may be able to regain some of the trust you have lost and help others from suffering a similar fate. 

When you have the strength to come forward, attorney Paul Mones and his team are ready to help. Please contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. 

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