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Thank you for visiting my website. Since around 1980, I have dedicated my professional career to protecting children. Through my decades of working on behalf of victims of sexual abuse, I have developed a keen understanding of not just the immense strength and courage it takes to acknowledge the devastating harm caused by sexual abuse, but the emotional and psychological obstacles faced by those who seek to hold their abusers and the institutions in which they work or volunteer accountable in a court of law. Filing a lawsuit will not erase a victim’s memories of abuse or the years of pain he or she has had to endure, but is the best way society has to help insure that a victim receives some measure of justice. Vigorous advocacy for survivors of sexual abuse can also help prevent other children from becoming tomorrow’s victims.

Paul discusses the sexual abuse investigation at Choate Rosemary Hall on the PBS Newshour:

Paul discusses the sexual abuse investigation on the PBS News Hour

Watch Paul’s interview  on the CBS Morning News discussing sexual  abuse in youth sports  and what parents can do in general  to protect their children from sexual predators:

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