Sexual abuse of students also occurs at all levels in public schools and is committed by teachers, guidance counselors, coaches and even school resource officers.

Public School Sexual Abuse Attorney

Sexual abuse of students also occurs at all levels in public schools and is committed by teachersguidance counselorscoaches and even school resource officers. While most public school teachers do a good job in educating students, there are those who take advantage of the immense trust and respect placed in them and who sexually abuse their students.

Sexual Abuse By Public School Teachers

Public schools have historically reacted to sexual abuse complaints against teachers not too differently from the Catholic Church. The practice is known as ‘passing the trash‘. Instead of reporting the offending teacher to authorities, the teacher is moved to another school in the district without the parents or students in that new school being told about the teacher’s history. Paul Mones has the experience and knowledge to assist public school students and their parents redress the wrongs done to them by public schools and teachers as well as other staff.

Paul Mones – Sex Abuse Attorney

While students who are sexually abused experience the same kind of problems issues faced by other victims of sexual abuse, students who are sexually abused by their teachers face an array of problems like loss of interest in education, poor grades and failure to take advantage of post-secondary education. All of these problems can lead to loss of job and career opportunities. Based in California, attorney Paul Mones has the experience to assist sexually abused students redress the wrongs done to them by teachers and schools nationwide. The tactics they use are very similar to those employed by priests and scout leaders who molest children and teens.

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can produce very serious, very damaging emotional and psychological injuries. Paul Mones has worked on behalf of sexually abused public school students in a number of states including California, New York and Oklahoma. If you or a loved one was molested by teacher or coach in a public school – regardless of when it occurred – please contact sexual abuse attorney, Paul Mones to assist you in deciding what options are best for you.

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