Clergy Sexual Abuse Attorney

While there has been well deserved media scrutiny concerning sexual abuse of youth by Roman Catholic priests over the last few years, it is critical to realize that trusted leaders in other religious groups also perpetrate the molestation of children and teenagers. In addition to representing numerous victims of Catholic clergy abuse, Paul has also worked on behalf of abuse victims in the Orthodox Jewish community and various Christian denominations.

Sexual Abuse of a Child by a Religious Leader

Paul Mones understands the plight of the victims of sexual abuse by clergy, regardless of the denomination. He has a detailed knowledge of how religious members and those who work with them exploit and groom their victims. The sexual abuse of a child by a religious leader, rabbi, deacon, pastor regardless of the religion – Orthodox Jewish, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventist or any other religion represents the ultimate betrayal of trust. Children who are sexually abused by a religious leader, priest, rabbi, minister, deacon or pastor must cope with an array of problems such as depression, embarrassment, anger and confusion but they also must deal with spiritual injury and a profound loss of faith. Regardless of the religion, these are wounds that may never fully heal.

Paul Mones - Religious Leader Sexual Abuse Attorney

Paul has represented victims of abuse throughout the nation. Paul retains highly skilled and experienced mental health professionals to help evaluate his clients’ damages. Suing the church or synagogue in which you grew up is to say the least a difficult undertaking. If you or a loved one was molested by a rabbi, pastor, deacon, or any other religious leader regardless of the denomination and regardless of when it occurred – please contact sex abuse lawyer, Paul Mones to assist you in deciding what options are best for you.


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