Mormon Sexual Abuse Attorney

The sexual abuse of youth in the LDS Church or the Mormon Church, as it is also called, has very similar dynamics to the abuse of children in the Catholic Church. While the hierarchy in the Mormon Church is obviously different from that of the Catholic Church, the abuse involves the leader exploiting the youth’s devotion and trust.

Mormon LDS Leaders Sex Abuse

Paul understands how LDS leaders groom their victims, exploiting their trust and loyalty. The process usually starts with the leader identifying a vulnerable young person. The next phase, the grooming, begins with the abuser showering the child with compliments and personal attention, sometimes even gifts. To the untrained eye, the leader looks like he is dedicated and caring; however, it is this process which brings the victim into the leader’s web of control and ultimately enables him to sexually molest the child. Children who are sexually abused by a LDS leader must cope with an array of problems such as depression, embarrassment, anger and confusion, but they also must deal with spiritual injury and a profound loss of faith. These injuries are wounds that may never fully heal.

Molested By A Mormon Church Leader?  Attorney Paul Mones Can Help!

Suing the church in which you grew up is to say the least a very difficult undertaking. If you or a loved one was molested by a Mormon leader – regardless of when it occurred – please contact sexual abuse attorney Paul Mones to assist you in deciding what options are best for you.