Gavel in courtroom, judge in background.

Why Working With An Experienced Attorney Matters

Much like doctors who specialize in a specific practice area, attorneys tend to focus on certain types of cases. The only type of case Paul Mones and the other attorneys in our office work on are childhood sexual abuse cases. 

The Defender of the Indefensible 

Paul’s commitment to, and compassion for, sexual abuse victims began decades ago when he began representing sexually and physically abused children who killed their parents or guardians. The Los Angeles Times dubbed Paul “The Defender of the Indefensible” for his work on representing these victims of abuse who were forced to take the lives of those who brought them into the world. 

He then made the shift to representing victims of childhood sexual abuse. Over the past 30+ years, Paul has represented victims of childhood sexual abuse in a number of high-profile cases. 

He was the lead attorney in the case considered the “dam that broke the Boy Scouts” by exposing just how big of a sexual abuse problem the BSA was hiding. His legal work laid the foundation for the public release of the Boy Scouts of America’s “perversion files,” which revealed that the organization knew for decades that Scouts were being abused, yet had done little to stop it. 

Attorney Mones and his team are now representing hundreds of Scouting alumni who are ready to tell their stories and seek just compensation for the abuse they endured

Experience Matters

Paul’s experience has afforded him not just the knowledge of how the law treats victims of sexual abuse but an understanding of the type of support sexual abuse victims need as they go through the legal process. Paul routinely collaborates with experienced psychologists and psychiatrists to help develop his cases and provide victims with the emotional support they need to face this challenge and confront their abusers.

Someone You Can Trust

Losing the ability to trust because you have been sexually abused by someone you trust — be it your Scout Leader, a religious leader, a teacher, a coach, or a loved one — shakes you to your core. Even years later, it can be difficult to connect with others because you can never forget how you were once so viciously betrayed. 

Attorney Paul Mones and the rest of our team work hard to be the sort of people that you can rely on and gradually learn to trust even if trusting others is hard for you. When you are ready to come forward, we are ready to help. Please contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.