Cases of Sexual Abuse Are Higher Among Deaf Children

Cases of child sexual abuse have long term serious and devastating consequences, especially when the abuse comes at the hand of a trusted individual within a respected institution and when the survivor of that abuse is physically or mentally handicapped. Take for example the abhorrently high rate of sexual abuse of Deaf children.

Tragically, one of the most preyed upon groups among handicapped children is the deaf. According to recent findings, more than 50% of all deaf boys and girls suffer abuse at the hands of priests and teachers within organizations supposedly devoted to helping them. The probability of deaf children being sexually abused is believed to be three times higher than that of hearing children. Obtaining records of the rates of sexual abuse in deaf schools is difficult because as most schools are private institutions, they are not required to make such information public. 

Cries of Deaf Children Often Unanswered

Compounding the difficulty in a child victim stepping forward against their abusers is the physical handicap itself. Most children that suffer from sexual abuse are almost categorically, at the time of abuse, incapable of articulating the crime they are a victim of regardless of their physical and mental capacities. In the cases of Deaf children, the bridge between the victim and justice served is far vaster, as the child lacks the basic ability to communicate coherently with adults in positions to help them. 

Regardless of your background, justice is available to you now for the abuse you or your loved ones have endured. Attorney Paul Mones is deeply aware of the myriad factors that stand between a survivor and justice from their abuser. Please contact him to learn your options.