Catholic Sexual Abuse Investigation in Connecticut to Be Led By Retired Judge

According to Yahoo News and the Associated Press, retired judge Robert Holzberg has been named to lead an investigation started by the Bridgeport diocese earlier this month. Bishop Frank J. Caggiano has given this former superior court judge access to records, files, and archives that date back to 1953. His work, which will likely take the better part of a year, will culminate in a published report in 2019.

Bridgeport is facing the same problem of a history of protecting priest who sexually abused young parishioners that has been seen in Pennsylvania, New York, New Mexico- the list goes on and on. While the problem of sexually abusive priest has been with us for decades, now it seems with the advent of actions by state attorney generals, we are finally beginning to see movement on a state level to hold the Catholic Church responsible for its long history of covering up the crimes of its priests. Connecticut has one of the most survivor friendly statutes of limitations in the United States. In Connecticut abuse victims can sue until age 48. That is a much more compassionate statute that for example those in New York or Pennsylvania.

At least 29 priests in the last few decades in the Bridgeport Diocese have been credibly accused of sexual abuse dating back decades.

Judge Holzberg has long had the reputation as one of the best mediators in the area, and his work as a Superior Court judge has attracted an extensive amount of positive attention. He also created a settlement between the Norwich Diocese and Mary Maynard in his work as a judge. Maynard had accused Rev. Thomas Shea of abuse and the Diocese had covered up his actions.