Former Boy Scout Volunteer Sentenced in Arizona Sex Abuse Case

In Maricopa County Superior Court, a man who volunteered to work with Boy Scouts across the Phoenix area was sentenced to 30 years in prison on child molestation charges. According to AZ Central, Julian Mendoza, who is now 55, was initially charged with ten counts of sexual misconduct with a minor in 2014. The charges stem from his actions with his roommate William Challberg.

Challberg was a Boy Scout leader at the time while Mendoza was simply a troop volunteer. At that time, allegations against Challberg surfaced, but nothing was done to stop them. The men would invite boys between the ages of nine and sixteen into their homes, then supply them with alcohol and marijuana. After that, they would take advantage of them. Most of the assaults took place at Challberg’s home, often involving naked showers and massages while other kids watched.

When the Boy Scouts did a review of their records and complaints in 2013, allegations against both men surfaced, and Scout leaders contacted police. Challberg was facing 20 felony counts that included molestation and abuse, but he died in jail.

Mendoza took a plea deal in 2016, admitting to engaging in sexual acts with a 14-year-old boy. The incident occurred in 2003. This, however, was not the only accusation against Mendoza. He was also accused of sexual conduct with a minor and public sexual indecency as late as 2014.

The BSA has had a problem with adult leaders sexually abusing scouts almost since its founding about a 100 years ago. The BSA in fact maintain the Perversion Files which are files on scout leaders who have molested scouts. Just between 1965 and 1985 about 1200 adult volunteers and scout leaders were put into the files. In 2010, Paul Mones and his co-counsel, won a sexual abuse case against the BSA which resulted in the first public release of the Perversion Files. If you have a question about the sexual abuse of scouts by adult leaders, please contact the law office Paul Mones.