A Guilty Plea In The Monroe County Boy Scouts Abuse Case

A former Boy Scoutmaster recently pled guilty to assaulting three former Scouts in Monroe County, PA. According to The Morning Call, Stephen Piller is now free on bond until his sentencing hearing where is lawyers will argue that he should be held in county jail during his sentence. No matter where he is held, however, he will have to register as a sex offender for fifteen years. Piller was initially charged with several counts, including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, however, as part of the plea deal, he only pled guilty to three misdemeanor counts of indecent assault. Other charges were dropped, which prevents the victims from having to testify at trial.

The assaults initially took place during 2008 both at his home when the boys would stay over and at a Scout camping facility in Monroe County. The investigation, however, didn’t begin until 2017 when the Division of Children and Youth Services notified the district attorney’s office. At that time, just one boy was involved, but during the course of the investigation, two additional victims were uncovered. The assaults continued until 2017.

As soon as the Boy Scouts of America learned of the charges against Piller, they banned him from their organization. All of the victims in the case are adults now, and they will have the opportunity to address the judge during the sentencing hearing.

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