Connecticut Boarding School Hotchkiss Releases Report Detailing Abuse Over Decades

Another elite boarding school has recently notified alumni and the public at large about sexual misconduct by its faculty over the past several decades. In a report released last week, Connecticut boarding school Hotchkiss detailed numerous offenses of at least seven different faculty members against multiple students spanning nearly four decades.

The report, based on an investigation conducted by the law firm Locke Lord, uncovered suspected abuses by teachers and a school doctor, who performed unnecessary gynecological exams on students over the years. In almost all cases, the administration was notified of the wrongdoing, but continued to retain the staff members to work with students.

One teacher had multiple relationships with students over the years, eventually marrying two of those whom he had abused as students. The same teacher was even found in a hotel room with a student, then hired back the next year with a glowing recommendation.

Some students were found to have been abused by multiple faculty members during the same time period.

Those named in the report are either retired or have died within the past decade. Despite the fact that no criminal prosecution can be made because the allegations are just now coming to light, many victims are looking for justice through civil court. Activists and attorneys representing students believe they have a right to justice now because of the damage done decades ago.

Abuse at the hands of a faculty member, teacher, or trusted adult is always damaging, and every victim has a right to be heard and have the abuses they suffered be uncovered. If you or someone you know needs assistance because of past sexual abuse, please contact Paul today.