The Bishop’s School in San Diego Faces Sexual Abuse Allegations

The Bishop’s School, one of San Diego’s most prominent private schools charges more than $36,000 per year. Unfortunately, these tuition rates have not been enough to protect students. Instead, the institution is now investigating claims of sexual misconduct made by several alumni, and the school has started to update alumni about their investigation.

According to ABC 10 News, the initial look into claims began in September of 2017 when alumni were notified by the school that a graduate had come forward to share an experience of sexual assault that had occurred decades ago. The school staff member accused had already passed on, but the school felt it important to notify former students.

A new letter was sent to alumni last week suggesting that seven alumni had reached out after the letter in September was sent to describe fifteen different instances of assault by faculty members. The incidents occurred over three decades, from the 1970s to the 1990s. Not all of the incidents involved the same perpetrator. Two of those named have since died. Three more perpetrators left the school some time ago.

A 10News report asserted that one graduate informed the school, that she had been seduced in 1983 by a particular staff member, and the abuse lasted for several months. According to the news report, the ramifications for her life were disastrous. She spent years abusing alcohol and drugs to avoid dealing with the trauma.

According to the news report, the investigation at the school is ongoing. The San Diego Police Department has also been notified of the allegations.

Graduates are still being encouraged to contact the school if they have information the school should consider in its investigation.

Sexual misconduct, particularly in an educational setting, cannot be tolerated, regardless of when it occurred. The damage inflicted on young students can last for years, and it can destroy lives, making it difficult to move forward. These victims deserve justice for the injuries they have suffered. If you’ve suffered sexual abuse while a student and have questions concerning your rights, please contact Paul Mones.