Former Oregon Boy Scout Leader Sentenced to 23 Years On Sexual Abuse Charges

Read Paul’s blog on how another former Boy Scout leader was convicted and sentenced on sexual abuse charges.

Another former Boy Scout leader was convicted and sentenced on sexual abuse charges. Douglas James Young Jr. of Lebanon, Oregon was sentenced to 23.5 years in prison and ordered to register as a sex offender for life after sexually abusing at least 9 victims. The charges against Young stem from crimes that took place from 2004 to 2017. Unfortunately, the Boy Scouts have had a problem with Scoutmaster sexually abusing Scouts since almost their founding about 100 years ago. In 2010 Paul Mones and his co-counsel obtained a 19.9-million-dollar jury verdict on behalf of a Boy Scout who was sexually abused in the 1980’s in the Portland, Oregon.

Young was arrested in March 2017 after it was reported to the Lebanon Police Department that he had inappropriate contact with a minor. Additional victims, some of whom are now adults, were contacted and interviewed during the investigation.

While no charges had been filed against him in the past, Young had been contacted by the Lebanon Police Department over the last 12 years regarding sexual abuse allegations.

“The defendant was in a position of authority and trust for years as a Boy Scout leader,” wrote Linn County Prosecutor Jonathan Crow in a statement. “He used that position to target and groom boys for his sexual gratification.”

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many cases like this and know they are far too common. It is important for parents to understand how child molesters operate. A perpetrator will often use a process called grooming, in which he or she deliberately builds an emotional connection to gain the trust of a victim for the purpose of sexual abuse. A part of this process may also involve befriending the family to gain their trust and further ease his or her way into the child’s life. The grooming process is that much easier for individuals in positions of authority such as Scout leaders, coaches, and teachers.

From what we know about child sexual abusers and how they operate, the best way a parent can protect a child is to be aware and to talk to them. Because perpetrators are often people we trust, it is very important for parents to teach children about acceptable and unacceptable behavior between a child and any adult. Understanding the facts of sexual abuse is important, because the psychological and emotional damage done by a trusted adult figure can last a life time. For more information, look at my previous blog on how child molesters operate. If you have any questions concerning sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts, please contact attorney Paul Mones.