Child Sexual Abuse

Child abuse is the perfect crime because its victims are often too embarrassed, confused and fearful to reveal the awful truth that constantly haunts them. Though the specific acts of abuse are horrific, it is the psychological and emotional consequences of these acts – such as  depression, low self-esteem and lack of trust – which cause the real lifetime injury. For example, as a result of these consequences, many adult survivors of sexual abuse experience problems in romantic relationships and  they suffer from  sexual identity problems.  Civil lawsuits will not erase the years of loss and suffering for a survivor of sexual abuse, but they can provide a self-affirming experience and are perhaps the best way to hold responsible those who caused the pain.

Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America has provided a valuable experience to generations of boys, however during this same period of time, the Boy Scouts of America have had a continuous problem with child molesters infiltrating their ranks of adult volunteers and scoutmasters. Paul Mones has represented young men who were abused as boy scouts. He has a thorough understanding of the Boy Scouts of America as an organization, its national structure and its history in addressing sexual abuse. His 2010 trial against the Boy Scouts on behalf of a man who was sexually abused by his leader in the early 1980’s resulted not just in a 19.9 million dollar verdict, but the release of the perversion files – confidential files on sexually abusive adult leaders maintained by the Boy Scouts of America for over 90 years.

Religious Institutions

Sexual abuse by a religious leader represents an exploitation of the sacred trust and respect a child—and the child’s parents—has for both the leader and the religion itself. While there has been well-deserved media scrutiny concerning sexual abuse of youth by Roman Catholic priests over the last few years, it is critical to realize that the molestation of children and teenagers is also perpetrated by leaders in other religious groups. In addition to representing numerous victims of Catholic clergy abuse, Paul has also worked on behalf of abuse victims from numerous other religious denominations.

Schools and Teachers

Public  and private school teachers, school guidance counselors and sport coaches wield tremendous power and control over their students. While the vast majority do a good job in educating and guiding children, there are some who exploit the trust placed in and they sexually abuse their students. Paul Mones has the experience to assist sexually abused students and their parents redress the wrongs done to them by teachers and schools.