When A Child Kills: Abused
Children Who Kill Their Parents

When a Child Kills book cover

Considered by many to be the definitive work on children who kill their parents, When a Child Kills was published in hardback in 1991 and paperback in 1992. It was also translated into German under the title Wenn Kinder Toten. This book has been cited as an authoritative source by 3 state appellate courts and has been cited in over twenty legal journal articles. Here are just a few examples of praise that the book received:

Noted Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Alvin Poussaint said of the book: “This book is the most compelling indictment of child abuse I have ever read. When A Child Kills is an excellent book that I highly recommend.”

Dr. Ann Cohn Donnelly, Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse America and now a professor at Northwestern University said of the book: “Ever wonder what could drive a child to kill a parent? When A Child Kills presents for the first time ever in brutally raw detailed fact exactly why. Professionals concerned with child abuse should read this book to better understand the children they care for; so too should all parents.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution said, “Mones is an eloquent, impassioned advocate of abused children.”

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