Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Attorney

Although the Boy Scouts of America has provided valuable experiences to generations of boys, it also has had a continuous problem with child molesters infiltrating the ranks of adult volunteers and scoutmasters. Paul has a thorough understanding of the history of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America as well as its national organizational structure. His 2010 trial and the verdict against the Boy Scouts in Portland, Oregon on behalf of a man who was sexually abused by his boy scout leader in the early 1980’s resulted not just in the largest jury verdict ever against the Boy Scouts - $19.9 million - , but equally important, the first public release of the Boy Scouts’ Perversion files – confidential files on sexually abusive adult leaders maintained by the Boy Scouts of America. To read more about these files click here.

Sexual Abuse of Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has known for over 90 years that it had a serious problem with child molesters infiltrating their ranks of scoutmasters and adult volunteers.

Similar to the relationship between a child and his religious leader, a Boy Scout is taught to obey, respect and admire his scoutmaster. From the overnight hikes to the weeklong summer camp trips, boys grow to place immense trust in their scout leaders. Eventually, it is this trust that is exploited by those who sexually abuse the boy scouts.

Work With An Attorney Experienced in Boy Scout Sex Abuse Cases

In addition to the $19.9 million jury verdict mentioned above, Paul Mones has often represented men as well as adolescents who were sexually abused in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. His clients have ranged in age from boys still in middle school to men in their 60’s. He has worked on cases of Scout abuse in numerous states including Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, Connecticut, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Hawaii and Alaska.

Paul not only understands the plight of the victims, but also has a detailed knowledge of how scoutmasters exploit and groom their victims. Sexual abuse often produces serious, long-lasting emotional and psychological injuries. Paul retains highly skilled and experienced mental health professionals to help evaluate his clients’ damages. If you or a loved one was molested as a scout – regardless of when it occurred – please contact Paul Mones to assist you in deciding what options are best for you.