Private School Sexual Abuse Attorney

The sexual abuse of students in private schools has long been known to its victims and school administrators, but it has only been in the last few years with the revelations of decades of sexual abuse at the Horace Mann School, Rosemary-Hall Choate, St. Paul's, Taft School, St. George's School, Milton Academy and the Kent School that the problem has finally begun to receive the public attention it deserves.

Sex Abuse in Private Schools

The idea that because a family pays for a private education means that their child will be safer than in public school is a myth. Private school teachers, guidance counselors and coaches wield tremendous power and control over their students. Students at boarding schools are especially vulnerable because they live in a closed environment and are wholly dependent in the school for their daily needs. Surprisingly to some, it is often the case that those teachers who sexually exploit their students are the well-liked, charismatic faculty members.

Sexual abuse attorney Paul Mones, has the experience and knowledge to assist private school students and their parents redress the wrongs done to them by private schools and their teachers.

Sexual Abuse By Private School Teachers

Students who are sexually abused by their teachers experience the same kind of problems issues faced by other victims of sexual abuse; however, students also face other problems which can dramatically affect their future including the loss of interest in education, poor grades and failure to take advantage of post-secondary education. These problems can lead to loss of job and career opportunities. Paul has the experience to assist sexually abused students redress the wrongs done to them by teachers and schools.

Private School Sex Abuse Attorney Paul Mones

Sexual abuse can produce very serious, very damaging emotional and psychological injuries. If you or a loved one was molested by teacher or coach in a private school - regardless of when it occurred – please contact Paul Mones to assist you in deciding what options are best for you.


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