Sexual Abuse Attorney

Almost everytime you open the newspaper, you'll find tragic  reminders of the fact that child sex abuse has become all too common in our society. For years  it hs been swept under the rug by the most respected and  powerful institutions in our country including our churches, private schools, public schools and youth organizations like the Boy Scouts. By holding individuals and instutions responsible for the harm they have done to innocent children, Paul's goal is to to prevent such horrific harm to future berations of children. 

Nothing can put an end to the lifelong struggles that victims of sexual abuse are forced to live with on a daily basis,  but at the very least, they have the right to hold those accountable in a court of law  for their suffering and to seek appropriate and fair compensation. If you or someone you love was the victim of Boy Scout sexual abuse, clergy sex abuse,  sexual abuse at a private school or sexual abuse at the hands of another youth-serving instutution, please consider contacting Paul Mones. 

Experience Matters in Sexual Abuse Cases

Paul Mones has dealt with  sexual abuse cases throughout the United States for over three decades. His goal is to help  victims put gain the justice they deserve. Please consider contacting Paul Mones to know your options. 

To learn more about Paul's work on behlalf of vioctims of sexual abuse,   please review his attorney practice areas, and if you have any questions, please contact us today.