Rudolph Galindo

Rudolph Galindo
Diocese of San Bernardino, California
Rudolph Galindo

Monsignor Rudolph Galindo

Rudolph Galindo was accused of sexual improprieties with a Vietnamese altar boy. He denied the accusations and was suspended from ministry. A civil suit was filed and the Archdiocese settled with the boy’s family for $75K in 1985.

Galindo was reassigned and then retired in 5/86. He was permanently removed in 2002 after admitting abuse of three youths; sued by seven. He was included on San Diego diocese’s list 3/31/07 and then the personnel file was released on 10/25/10.

If you or someone you love was sexually abused by a priest or someone else associated with the Catholic Church, please contact Paul and his team to learn about the new law and to ensure your rights are protected.

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