Basil Peter Congro

Basil Peter Congro
Diocese of Fresno, California

Father Basil Peter Congro

Basil Peter Congro was accused in a 4/14/03 suit of groping and sodomizing a boy 1980-83, starting when the boy was age 15, in the Rockville Centre diocese. Some abuse was mentioned in confessional. He was excardinated to Fresno CA diocese and was a Navy chaplain 1983-94. Then he was excardinated to Charleston SC diocese; worked as pastor; also in Navy Reserves. Charleston said it learned of the allegation in Jun 2002, deemed it credible, and put Congro on administrative leave starting 9/23/02. Bishop Robert Baker wrote a letter to priests in April 2003 after suit was filed. Congro was later included in the Charleston diocese’s list on 3/29/19.

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