Arthur A. Falvey

Arthur A. Falvey
Archdiocese of San Francisco, California
Arthur A. Falvey

Rev. Arthur A. Falvey

In June 2009, the Jesuits settled with a man who alleged that Arthur A. Falvey raped him repeatedly over a four-year period, beginning in 1954 when he was age 7 and Falvey was assigned to St. Ignatius in Sacramento. Falvey died in on 2/23/1966.

He was included in the Sacramento diocese’s list on 4/30/19. It notes an allegation received in 2018 of rape of a boy under age 14 in the early 1960s. Falvey was the brother of Fr. Mark Falvey who abused at least 10 children in CA and was the subject of a 2007 settlement by the Jesuits. He was then added in the Jesuits West Province list on 12/7/18.

If you or someone you love was sexually abused by a priest or someone else associated with the Catholic Church, please contact Paul and his team to learn about the new law and to ensure your rights are protected.

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