Anthony G. Herdegen

Anthony G. Herdegen
Diocese of Fresno, California
Anthony G. Herdegen

Monsignor Anthony G. Herdegen

Anthony G. Herdegen retired in 1995 and was sued in December 2003. He was accused of abuse of two brothers, 5-19 and 10-15, starting in 1959. There were no criminal charges due to statute of limitations. An appeals Court ruled in May 2008 that a lawsuit could go forward because Cardinal Mahony’s testimony indicated the church was or should have been aware that Herdegen might have been an abuser. CA Sup. Ct. declined to hear the appeal on decision to go forward and the trial began in March 2009. Jury found for Diocese on SOL 4/3/09. One plaintiff is to get a new trial and the younger brother received a settlement.

If you or someone you love was sexually abused by a priest or someone else associated with the Catholic Church, please contact Paul and his team to learn about the new law and to ensure your rights are protected.

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