Anthony “Edward” Rodrigue

Anthony “Edward” Rodrigue
Diocese of San Bernardino, California
Anthony “Edward” Rodrigue

Father Anthony Rodrigue

Anthony Rodrigue admitted to abusing 150 children, or “four or five” boys every year of his 22-year career. He was sentenced to probation in 1979 for abuse of a boy and then sentenced in 1998 to 10 years’ prison for abuse of boy in 1997. Civil suits were filed in 2003 by at least 19 victims. Rodrigue was laicized in 1992 and released from prison in January 2006. His name was on the 3/30/07 list of San Diego/San Bernardino priests accused of abuse.

Anthony Rodrigue died in 2009. One suit was settled in April 2010. The personnel file was released that October and he was later added in the San Bernardino list on 10/9/18. A suit was filed in December 2019 under the newly expanded Statute of Limitations (SOL) on behalf of five men claiming abuse as children in the 1960s and 1970s by Rodrigue.

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