Angel Crisostomo Mariano

Angel Crisostomo Mariano
Diocese of San Jose, California
Angel Crisostomo Mariano

Father Angel Crisostomo Mariano

Angel Crisostomo Mariano was a cross-dresser who was convicted of child molestation in 1998 for performing oral sex on a teenage boy while posing as a 25-year-old woman. He served 5 months in jail and the Jesuit leaders had reprimanded Mariano for sexual misconduct at least 5 years prior to the 1998 incident. Jesuits had apparently been moving him around since 1988.

After release from prison Angel Crisostomo moved to a Jesuit community at Los Gatos where other priests abused two mentally disabled residents. He was permanently banned from ministry in 1998 and placed on the diocese of San Jose list on 10/18/18. It was noted that Mariano had been dismissed from the Jesuits on 11/25/02. Then, he was placed on the Jesuits West Province list on 12/7/18.

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