Alejandro Jose (Alex) Castillo

Alejandro Jose (Alex) Castillo
Diocese of San Bernardino, California
Alejandro Jose (Alex) Castillo

Rev. Alejandro Jose Castillo

Alejandro Jose Castillo, also known as Alex Castillo, was removed from Our Lady of Guadalupe in Ontario, Canada in June 2010 after allegations that he abused two brothers within the previous two years. The review board found the allegations credible that September. He was then the subject of a prior complaint involving two adults and one youth; no arrests were made at the time due to the statute of limitations.

Alex was then arrested 10/25/10 and pled guilty in April 2011 to a lewd act with a minor. Castillo was sentenced on 8/31/11 to a year in jail and sex offender registration. He was released on 4/21/12, re-arrested on 5/9/12 for a probation violation, then released again. Two lawsuits that were filed on 9/22/11 settled in February 2014 for $3.8M. A third suit was filed in 2012 and then he was added to the San Bernardino diocese’s list on 10/9/18.

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