Dr. Reginald Archibald of Rockefeller University Sexually Molested Children for Several Decades

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Dr. Reginald Archibald of Rockefeller University

For almost four decades, Dr. Reginald Archibald preyed upon children in his Rockefeller University office. Hundreds of children were sexually abused by this pediatric endocrinology expert under the guise of medical treatment and research.

Rockefeller Admits Archibald’s Patients Suffered

Rockefeller University issued a statement on October 5, 2018, stating that it knew about the abuse Dr. Archibald inflicted upon his patients as early as 2004 and stated that there were complaints as far back as the 1990’s. Despite possessing this critical knowledge, Rockefeller University waited 14 years to contact survivors. And Rockefeller only acted after some of our brave clients began asking questions about their treatment in the wake of publicity other sexual abuse scandals involving doctors. And when Rockefeller was confronted they only suggested some of these behaviors were inappropriate as opposed to criminal. By October 18, 2018, the university was apologizing for the pain and suffering it had caused for any former patients.

Unfortunately, pain and regret just aren’t enough. If you or someone you love was a victim of Dr. Archibald, you deserve so much more. You deserve justice, treatment, and a chance to have the university acknowledge what they did was wrong.

Dr. Archibald’s Victims Are Entitled to Answers

Dr. Archibald’s former patients are entitled to answers to important questions that up to this point, Rockefeller has declined to provide. Rockefeller is simply not being transparent with its former patients. For example it has not revealed the number of victims, nor has it revealed the locations of untold numbers of nude photos that Dr. Archibald took of many of his innocent patients. Rockefeller has also nit revealed any of the details of Dr. Archibald research such as how it was funded and with whom was the research shared. Now that we know at least some of the truth of what Dr. Archibald was really doing, his former patients deserve answers to these questions and many more.

A Trusted Authority Figure

Dr. Archibald used his prestigious title and knowledge to exploit young boys and teens whose families simply wanted help with their growth issues. Parents trusted his experience – and they also trusted Dr. Archibald because he was on the staff at one of the most renowned medical research facilities in the nation. Little did they know, however, that the exam room was far from a safe place for those children. He insisted he needed to touch children’s private areas to help them grow or to measure their growth. He made his abuse part of the treatment, violating the trust so many had placed in him. The abuse often went further and included sexually manipulating and arouse those in his care, masturbating them, and even taking nude photographs.

Why Sexual Abuse By Doctors Is Different

The first question many people ask is how did Dr. Archibald get away with sexually abusing children for such a long period of time without getting caught. Aside from the fact that he, like many serial child molesters, understood how to exploit children and gain their confidence, the answer lies in the fact that he was a doctor. Unlike priests, coaches, boy scout leaders and teachers, doctors, in this case pediatricians, have permission from their patients and employers to touch their patients. A pediatrician cannot do his or her job without touching the patient. And in fact it is universally accepted and expected by parents and children alike, that it is okay for a doctor to touch various parts of a child’s body. Therefore, it is very difficult for most of Dr. Archibald’s patients to know that he was acting illegally, even when Archibald’s actions felt uncomfortable. And this is the primary reason, that the vast majority of patients never complained about Dr. Archibald’s abusive behavior.

What is Happening Now

Events are rapidly happening in this case. Mariann Wang and Paul Mones wrote a letter to the New York Attorney General on November 1st to asking her on behalf of our clients to investigate this sexual abuse scandal at Rockefeller University. There has also been significant attention paid to the case in both the print and electronic news media. >>Read ABC7 Article >>Read NY Times Article

New York City-based attorneys Cuti Hecker Wang LLP already represent scores of victims and survivors of this horrific behavior by Dr. Archibald. Attorney, Paul Mones of California, who is admitted to practice law in California, but not admitted to practice law in New York is working with Cuti Hecker Wang on these cases. http://www.cutiheckerwang.com/dr-reginald-archibald-sex-abuse-lawsuit.html

Happening Now

Events are rapidly happening in this case.

May 23, 2019 – The internal report on Dr. Reginald Archibald was released by Rockefeller University.

>>View Report


Nov 1, 2018 – Mariann Wang and Paul Mones wrote a letter to the New York Attorney General on November 1st asking her on behalf of our clients to investigate this sexual abuse scandal at Rockefeller University.  

>>View Letter

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