Paul Mones has been Trusted by Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Nationwide for Over 35 Years
Paul Mones speaks to the press at a press conference against child sexual abuse in the church

Paul Mones is a California-based attorney who dedicates his practice to representing adult victims of child sexual abuse and sexually abused children. Backed by over 35 years of experience, he has the knowledge and skills to help you obtain fair and just compensation. Paul is licensed in California, Oregon, Massachusetts, and New York. He also routinely collaborates with a network of co-counsel attorneys on child sex abuse cases nationwide.

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused as a child, you can trust Paul Mones to fight for your rights.

Paul has learned over his decades as an advocate that survivors of child sexual abuse typically experience emotional and psychological trauma that lingers well into their adult years. Although religious institutions, public and private schools, youth programs, and family members have a duty to protect children, these hallowed institutions have failed to protect tens of thousands from sexual abuse by trusted adult leaders. Silenced by the horrors of abuse many victims have been hiding in the shadows for decades. The best way for survivors to find justice is to file a civil lawsuit to recover meaningful and just compensation.

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If you want to be represented by a law firm whose practice is 100% devoted to representing survivors of sexual abuse, then contact us. If you want a law firm with a small number of experienced lawyers who provide you the personal attention you deserve as opposed to being taken care of by an inexperienced associate in a big law firm, then contact us. There are very few law firms in the nation whose sole focus is advocating for sexual abuse survivors and we are proud to say that Paul Mones, P.C. is one of those law firms.

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Courtney Kiehl is an attorney and advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. Before she came to work for Paul, she founded A.C.H.E. (Abused Children Heard Everywhere) as a response to her own experience with sexual abuse by her gymnastics coach and has spent the last fifteen years working on related issues. She also serves as a Fellow for CHILD USA’s Game Over: Commission to Protect Youth Athletes.

Read more about Courtney’s journey here: A Survivor Shares Her Strength

Listen to Courtney’s thoughts about the unique vulnerability of youth athletes here: One in Ten Podcast

Attorney Courtney Kiehl
Louanne Masry

Louanne Masry is of counsel to Paul Mones, P.C.. Over her long career, Louanne has represented numerous sexual abuse victims throughout California, and has distinguished herself by as well litigating numerous sexual abuse cases through trial. Since 2011, Louanne has been consistently listed as a “California Super Lawyer”, and has been regularly named in Super Lawyers’ list of the “Top 50 Women Lawyers in Southern California.” including in its most recent 2020 list.

Verdicts & Results Paul Has Achieved

Over the course of his career, Paul has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients all over the nation. Although every case is different and past results therefore do not guarantee success in any particular case, these kinds of results do reflect Paul’s hard work and dedication to his clients.

$19.9 Million

Paul Mones obtained the largest verdict ever against the Boy Scouts of America

$11.45 Million

Paul Mones obtained one of the largest judgments nationwide against the Roman Catholic Church

What Clients Say About Working with Paul Mones

Every case is different and past results therefore do not guarantee success in any particular case, these testimonials do show Paul's close relationship with the client’s he represents.

California Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Paul Mones is a leading nationwide advocate of sexual abuse victims, having represented hundreds of sexual abuse survivors. Although child sexual abuse is a serious problem across the nation, some states are making it easier for victims to pursue claims against their abusers. In New York, for example, the Child Victim’s Act extended the statute of limitations so that survivors can file a claim until they are 55 years old. A similar initiative in California goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, giving victims of child sexual abuse until the age of 40 to file a claim. 

Attorney Paul Mones is up-to-date on the most recent developments in the laws governing sexual abuse claims. Because he has worked closely with child sexual abuse survivors and their families for many years, Paul profoundly understands the trauma experienced by those who have been sexually victimized as children. When you become his client, he will take the time to listen to your concerns and handle your case with the personal attention it deserves. Although pursuing a claim may mean retrieving painful memories, Paul will offer you a supportive environment in which you feel comfortable sharing your story.

Paul Mones will fight to protect your rights and maintain your privacy through what may be an arduous process. Paul will dedicate his skills and resources to conduct a thorough investigation of your claim. This includes conducting an interview with you, often with the assistance of mental health professionals, identifying and interviewing witnesses, including the alleged perpetrator, as well as individuals in positions of responsibility who may have been complicit in the abuser’s crimes. As daunting as pursuing a child sexual abuse claim may be, Paul Mones will make the law work for you and fight for the compensation and justice you deserve.

If you were victimized sexually while in the care of a religious group, school, youth program, or any other entity or person charged with protecting children, you are likely afraid and angry. The sense of betrayal may have impacted you in many ways, lasting well into your adult years. Similarly, parents of children who have been sexually abused often experience guilt for unknowingly placing their children in harm’s way. 

Paul Mones believes that it is imperative to hold offenders accountable and pierce the veil of organizations that attempt to deny liability and even work to protect the perpetrators. For over 35 years, Paul has worked with other attorneys, lawmakers, and victim’s rights groups across the nation to combat child sexual abuse, and he is highly regarded for being a dedicated advocate of children and families. 

Selecting a Sexual Abuse Attorney

For victims of sexual abuse, choosing an attorney to represent you is a challenging and often stress-inducing choice. Because it is a critical, life-changing decision to seek justice from the institution or person responsible for molesting you, choosing the right attorney is of paramount importance. Therefore, after closely looking at my website, I urge you to do the same with other attorneys’ websites you may be considering hiring and to speak with us, whether by phone or in person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Won't I Know a Child Molester When I See One?

    Absolutely not. Child molesters disappear into the fabric of the culture they’re living in. They often just seem like eager people, ready to help with a single call. You may have a queasy feeling about someone in your child’s life that you can’t ignore, though. When people are interviewed typically after these cases are over, they say, “You know, I always saw that so-and-so, he always wanted to be around my kid, but I thought he just was being nice about it because my kid never complained.” It’s often that person who you just weren’t sure of at the outset, so it’s important to monitor your child’s relationships with other adults.

  • What Kinds of Behaviors are Typical Among Child Molesters?

    Child molesters who work or volunteer in youth programs go out of their way to be with your child. Your son or daughter’s teacher or Boy Scout leader may show up at your home to take your child to a music lesson or shopping for clothing even if you didn’t call them. Ironically, they are the person you can always count on to show a great interest in your child, buying presents, taking them out for special dinners, etc.

  • How Prevalent is Sexual Abuse in Children?

    It’s likely at least one child you know has been a victim of abuse. One in four girls have been sexually abused. One in six boys has been sexually abused.

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Paul Mones is Not Just an Attorney - He is An Advocate for the rights of Abuse Survivors

While prosecutors take sex crimes against children very seriously today, thousands of people have been victimized over the course of decades by priests, rabbis, other clergy members, scoutmasters, teachers, coaches, youth leaders, as well as parents and other family members. Although a conviction for child sexual abuse carries criminal penalties, victims also have a right to seek civil damages. When you consult Paul Mones, you can rest assured that justice will be served.

Paul devotes his practice entirely to fighting for sexual abuse victims. He has a proven track record of winning significant jury awards and a well-earned reputation as a national advocate of sex abuse victims. Through his decades of working on behalf of victims, he has been humbled by their strength and courage in acknowledging the emotional harm they have suffered. Paul also profoundly understands the emotional and psychological obstacles victims face in holding their abusers and the institutions in which they flourish accountable in a court of law. Paul Mones eradicates those obstacles by providing his clients with powerful representation and caring personal service. Paul routinely collaborates with a respected network of psychologists and counselors to develop cases as well as to provide victims with the emotional support they need to face this challenge and confront their abusers.

Certainly, no amount of money can erase your memories of being abused as a child or the years of pain you have endured, but filing a lawsuit can help you regain your bearings and enable you to move on with your life. Coming forward can also help prevent other children from being victimized. You should know that you may still have a valid claim even if the offender has not been charged with or convicted of a sex crime.

Trust Experience - Trust Paul Mones

Paul Mones is keenly aware that you may not have experience with the legal system, which is why he will take the time to explain all your rights and guide you through the entire process. Filing a lawsuit and confronting your abuser may seem intimidating, but Paul will provide you with strength and support and make your cause his cause. Although each case is unique, you may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress, expenses for psychological counseling, and other fair and just compensation. If you have been the victim of child abuse, don’t suffer in silence. Contact Paul Mones today and let the healing begin.

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For over thirty five years, Paul Mones has been a leading nationwide advocate for victims of child abuse, representing hundreds of people who have been sexually abused as children by their Boy Scout leaders, priests, ministers, coaches, employers, teachers, guidance counselors as well as by their parents and guardians.

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