Why do victims of sexual molestation delay in reporting their abuse?


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Why do victims of sexual molestation delay in reporting their abuse?
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A Note from Paul Mones

For over 30 years, I have dedicated my professional career to protecting  children. Specifically,  the focus of my practice is on representing child and adult survivors of sexual abuse.  My work on behalf of sexually abused persons and other child victims also extends  to  cases of adolescents who killed an abusive parent or guardian. Additionally, I write articles and deliver lectures nationwide on various topics related to child  abuse.  I have worked on hundreds of abuse cases throughout the United States and thus  bring a unique wealth of insight, experience and knowledge to each case I undertake.

Representing Survivors of Sexual Abuse

During my long career, I have brought sexual abuse lawsuits throughout the nation against the Boy Scouts of America, the Roman Catholic Church,   private and public  schools  and other institutions of trust. Highlights of my work include a 2010 trial in Portland, Oregon (along with co-lead counsel Kelly Clark)   against the Boy Scouts of America on behalf of a man who had been sexually abused by his scout leader. The 19.9 million dollar verdict  was the largest  ever rendered against the Boy Scouts of America and one of the largest single verdicts ever obtained in a sexual abuse case against an institution. More importantly, the trial represented the first time that the Boy Scouts’  ‘perversion files’ – confidential files maintained by the BSA on pedophiles – were admitted into evidence. Through our efforts, the perversion files were finally publicly released in 2012. This was a landmark event for sexual abuse survivors and  garnered  national and international attention.  As a result of my advocacy in this case, it was honor  to be selected as a Lawyer of the Year 2012 by Lawyers USA . Other significant cases  have included an 11.45 million dollar verdict in 2007 against the Diocese of Rockville Centre, the largest jury verdict against a Catholic Diocese in New York; and in  2012 in San Jose, I represented  William Lynch, a  sexual abuse survivor  who was charged with assaulting the priest who molested him during the 1970’s. The jury found Lynch not guilty of aggravated assault and elder abuse and hung on a lesser misdemeanor charge.   Through trials like these and my decades of working with survivors, I have developed a keen understanding of not just the immense strength and courage it takes to acknowledge the devastating harm caused by sexual abuse, but also the difficult and painful journey of that long road back to recovery.  I also believe that vigorous advocacy for survivors  serves another critical purpose: it helps insure that other children do not become tomorrow’s victims of sexual abuse.

Defending Victims of Abuse

Some adolescents and teens victims of severe sexual abuse as well as physical and psychological abuse become so fearful and psychologically and emotionally overwhelmed that they tragically kill their parents or guardians. My 1991 book, When A Child Kills: Abused Children Who Kill Their Parents is considered a landmark book by child abuse professionals. As a result of my youth advocacy work in this area, the American Bar Association presented me with its Livingston Hall Juvenile Justice Award which is “awarded to one attorney each year for his or her outstanding contributions…to the rights of children and youth.”

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Please take  time to read more detail about my work as well as my writings and lectures on sexual abuse and other youth issues. To discover more details about my advocacy for abuse victims, please also watch several short videos concerning sexual abuse. Additionally, you can read some of my selected magazine and newspaper interviews or view my television interviews.

Choosing an attorney is obviously a critically important decision, and an especially difficult one for victims of sexual abuse who, because of their traumatic experiences, have significant issues of trust. Therefore, take your time in choosing an attorney to represent you.  Please read the section, ‘Selecting an Attorney to Represent You,’ and remember first and foremost to look for an attorney who has  significant experience in representing victims of sexual abuse. If you have any questions regarding my services or have specific questions on how I might assist you or a family member that has been abused, please send me an email by clicking here or call me at (310) 566-7418.

Thank you very much,

Paul Mones

Paul Mones serves clients in Oregon, California and Massachusetts where he is admitted to practice law. He also represents victims of sexual abuse throughout the nation (through pro hac vice admission)  by working with cooperating attorneys who possess knowledge and experience in child sexual abuse.  For more information, please contact Paul using his online contact form.

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