Scoutmaster Arrested in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for Allegedly Sexually Abusing Scouts in the 1980’s


A former scoutmaster, James Thomas Davis Jr. was  charged this past week with molesting scouts  in a Winston-Salem Boy Scout troop in the 1980’s. The arrest concerned the alleged sexual abuse of two adolescent boy scouts in Troop 867 in Winston-Salem. In Portland, Oregon in 2010 I won an almost 20 million dollar judgment against the Boy Scouts of America arising out of the sexual abuse of a boy scout during this same time period – the 1980’s.  As an attorney who focuses his practice on representing victims of sexual abuse and who has advocated for victims of boy scout sexual abuse around the nation, Paul Mones has learned that parents and the community must be ever vigilant to protect their children from sexual molestation.

Diocese in New Mexico Released Names of 22 Priests Credibly Accused of Sexual Abuse

The road to justice for survivors of clergy sexual abuse has been very long, very rough and very difficult, but after decades of silence and coverup, the Catholic Church has been forced to face its deplorable treatment of innocent children. An example is that this past week, the Diocese of Gallup has just released a list of 22 priest who have been credibly accused of molesting children. As an attorney who represents victims of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, it is critical for all of us to  remember that abuse thrives in silence and only by letting the light of public scrutiny shine on the problem, will true justice prevail.





Assistant Scout Leader In NY Accused of Abusing Two Teenage Scouts

A Boy Scout Scout leader in Dutchess County, New York was charged last week with sexually molesting two scouts on a Scout sponsored hiking trip this past summer. The leader, Michael Kelsey, was also a politician who recently ran for office to become a state legislator. According to a local paper, Kelsey pleaded not guilty to sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child charges. His registration was suspended by the Boy Scouts of America. As an attorney who has represented numerous victims of Boy Scout sexual abuse throughout the nation, I have learned that it is critical for parents and the community to be ever vigilant in order to protect our children.

Child Porn Suspect Fleetwood Peeples May Have Molested a Dozen Scouts in Florida Bewteen 1980 and 1982

According to the Orlando Sentinel (, “A former Casselberry Boy Scout and Cub Scout leader arrested on child-pornography charges has admitted to police that he molested possibly a dozen young boys in his care during camping trips, new court documents say. A former Casselberry Boy Scout and Cub Scout leader arrested on child-pornography charges has admitted to police that he molested possibly a dozen young boys in his care during camping trips, new court documents say.”  The article goes on to state that despite news of Peeple’s arrest, none of Peeples’s victims, who were abused in the early 1980’s when they were between 5 and 12 years old, have come forward.

If all these allegation prove, this case proves several very important facts about sexual abuse in Scouting which are reflected in the BSA’s perversion files.  These files, which the BSA has maintained  for over 9 decades were publicly  released as a result of my 2010 Portland, Oregon case against the BSA, where I represented a victim who was abused in the same time period as those allegedly abused by Peeples. The jury in that case also awarded almost 20 million dollars to my client.   Like the allegations in the Peeple’s case, the  files proved first, that sexually abusive leaders molest numerous scouts in the troop; second that scouts are often abused during Scout related activities like camp outs and third, and perhaps most distressing, victims rarely come forward.

As difficult as it is, men who were sexually abused as Boy Scouts should not remain silent because hiding the abuse only makes it worse and as well, empowers the abuser.

Former Youth Worker Arrested for Sexual Abuse in Bluefield, West Virginia

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph has recently reported that a former church youth volunteer was charged with 38 counts of child sexual abuse related crimes. The accused, Timothy Probert, 55, was arrested in  Bluefield, West Virginia. According to a December article in the Telgraph, the alleged crimes stem from incidents that occurred when Probert was a youth volunteer at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Bluefield (between 1986 and 2010) and a volunteer working with the Working to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect program. Probert is charged with 22 counts of sexual abuse by a custodian.”  While people are often surprised when they learn of  an arrest for sexual abuse of a person who occupies a  position of authority over children, as our nation has unfortunately learned from sexual scandals in the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts and various other churches,  sports teams and schools, sexual abuse can occur in our most trusted institutions. Parents need to be vigilant. While strangers pose dangers to children, by far sexual abuse by trusted persons in positions of authority perpetrate far more sexual offenses against children than strangers. Paul Mones represents adult and child victims of sexual abuse.   

Green Meadow Waldorf School Sexual Abuse Report Due in 2014

According to a  12/28/13  article in the Journal News,  Kate  Christensen, a former student of the  Green Meadow Waldorf  School in Rockland County,  New York wrote in her book,  “Blue Plate Special: An Autobiography of My Appetites,”  (published earlier in 2013)  that she was sexually abused a number of times  by a teacher at the school in 1978. The sexual abuse occurred when she was a teenager.  Like educational institutions facing similar sexual abuse allegations the school turned to  T &M Protection Resources to conduct an investigation. The Journal News reported that the investigation’s findings are due after the first of the year.  While such internally commissioned investigations are laudable, it remains to be seen whether it will generate substantive change because large institutions of trust rarely change on their own.  Real change usually only occurs following a change in the law or litigation.

Kelly Clark advocate for survivors and my pal

Kelly Clark  lifted us all through his wisdom, his passion for the rights of survivors and his deep concern for the well-being of his family, friends, colleagues and law firm.   For Kelly it was all about making those who were ravaged and broken,  whole human beings again. His work was not limited to being a tireless advocate for survivors but as well for those whose life circumstances knocked them off their feet. He was an active board member of both the  William Temple House, a Portland-based community social service agency and the Hazelden Foundation.  Unique among us, he had not just the life-long appreciation of those who were fortunate enough to be represented by him and those like me who worked with him,  but uniquely, he had the immense admiration of his adversaries.

His clients were empowered by his belief in them and his unfaltering compassion for justice. In my conversations with him after our  landmark BSA case, he said to me one day -in a kind of disturbed tone – ‘I cannot believe  the number of people who are focusing on the money the jury awarded – sure it’s great-  but the verdict means so much more than that in terms of empowering survivors and protecting future generations of scouts. That was my pal Kelly.

Kelly fearlessly struggled right to the very end. He had been through so much in the past year –  lovingly attending to his dear wife Sabine who had put up a valiant fight against ALS and who finally succumbed in late October;  and then he  battled a disease that ravaged his body – one  his doctors really never got a handle on. The last time I saw KC was  the Sunday before Thanksgiving. He had just been released after about a month in the hospital.   He was in a wheel chair, unable to walk and having only very minimal use of his arms. He was very honest about  the dire nature of his situation, but he evidenced  immense bravery and remarkable resolve.  He said to me, “Paulie – I know its bad but I am thinking even if it turns out that I don’t get better and I  become a paraplegic, I am not stopping work. I am figuring out this wheelchair which has more bells and whistles than a Ferrari and I’ll just go back to dictation. That was my dear friend KC.

Kelly’s work on behalf of survivors of sexual abuse was  part of his greater spiritual journey to make the world a better place – I know I speak for all of you when I say that though his life was cut short, he accomplished that goal and more.

The Boy Scouts Have Decided to Admit Gay Youth

The BSA has decided that it will now allow gay youth to join the scouts. This is a major step forward for Scouting. The organization will however continue to exclude adult gay males. The reasoning for this limited policy change is likely that there is a sentiment within (and without) various segments of Scouting that gay leaders aremore prone to sexually abuse young boys than heterosexaul leaders. Nothing could be further from the truth. Adult male leaders who molest boys are not homosexual. They are pedophiles or hebephiles (sexual interest in post-pubescent boys who have no interest in consensual adult relationships – they are only interested in preying on boys. Many have and will criticize the BSA for only partially eliminating the ban, but we must realize that like with all large institutions, change does not come overnight. This was a substantial about-face for the BSA that was, from all news reports, not an easy one for the organization to make. I firmly beleive that the BSA will soon realize that gay youth make the BSA a stronger and better organization and that realization will provide the impetus for it, in the in the not too distant future, to change the present policy concerning adult leaders. Fot more information on the policy change, please read Erik Eckholm’s NY Times piece.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles: Concealing the Truth

Like the release of the BSA perversion files in October of last year, the recently released sexual abuse files of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles clearly establish that organizations which are founded on the lofty principle of the nourishment and protection of a child’s body and soul, act against their own best interests when they attempt to conceal the problem of sexual abuse.  Such tactics are   myopic because they weaken, not strengthen the organization. Had the Catholic Church and the BSA dealt openly and honestly about their child molestation problem  by informing their membership of the risks and immediately reporting suspected violators to law enforcement, they would have had  not just the support and admiration of their membership but of the public.


Who Would Have Thought It Could Get Any Worse

The court-ordered release of the Los Angeles  Archdiocese files demonstrates   in stark and alarming detail the   utterly   tragic dimensions of the problem of sexual abuse within that once- hallowed institution.  The original civil lawsuits which eventually forced the release of these  files revealed facts that  were  at once outrageous and disturbing:   priests exploiting the trust of the most innocent of their parishioners and then moved   from  parish to parish  to avoid arrest and scandal.  The myriad stories of molestation and broken souls   made clear   the   moral bankruptcy of the Archdiocese’s hierarchy.  But the minutiae  of Cardinal Mahoney’s  (and others) calculating decision-making process     which  have  emerged in the  just-released letters and memos , reveals a level of malevolence and cunning, the scope of which  would not have been comprehended   had the document remained secret — as was the desire of the Church.  If hell does exist, there should be   a special rung for   those   who knowingly protected predators posing as men of god.