Santa Barbara BSA Case Settles: Perversion Files from 1991-2007 Will Remain Sealed

After three days of trial, on January 29, 2015, the Boy Scouts and the plaintiff settled this sexual abuse case. This case followed the same path as better than 99% of sexual abuse cases. Parties settle because it is in their best interests to do so – and obviously here that was the case. But this settlement illustrates why the trial in 2010 in Portland, Oregon was so unique. There we litigated the case for over 6 weeks, spending hours upon hours going through numerous BSA Perversion files. In Santa Barbara there was much fanfare concerning the release of the BSA Perversion files from 1991-2007. Some media outlets portrayed it as a Pandora’s Box however those reporters obviously forgot that over 1200 files from 1965-1985 were already released and in the public domain as a result of the Portland case.

If you have a question about the BSA’s perversion files, please call the office of sexual abuse attorney Paul Mones.

Attorney in Santa Barbara Uses Boy Scout Perversion Files in Trial

This week (January 25th, 2015) a trial started in Santa Barbara, CA concerning a boy scout who was sexually touched by his scout leader in 2007. While various media articles portray this case as one where the perversion files are being seen by a jury for the first time, this is actually the second time the Boy Scout perversion files are being seen by a jury. As some news articles correctly noted, the perversion files were first introduced  in our   case in 2010 in Portland, Oregon. The case resulted in a 19.9 million dollar verdict – the largest ever against the Boy Scouts. The case also resulted in the first-ever  public release of these files which covered the period 1965 through 1985. Because of our efforts in 2010, the attorney in Santa Barbara will now be able to use them in his case. He will also use files for the period 1991-2007. Based upon news reports, it seems clear  that  the attorney in Santa Barbara is using the files in a similar way to the way we used them in our trial in 2010. I am gratified, as I know my dear friend and co-counsel , Kelly Clark (who died in 2013) would be, to see that the files are again being used in a case.

Attorney Paul Mones has represented numerous victims throughout the nation who were sexually abused in boy scouting activities. If you have a question about any matter or issue concerning sexual abuse in Boy Scouts please contact my office.

Paul Mones Interview by Wall Street Journal Writer Peggy Noonan on the Sexual Abuse Scandal in the NY Archdiocese

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal has been in a running battle with the Archdiocese of New York over the closure of a number of parishes for the putative purpose that the Archdiocese needs to save money – so poor they have to close parishes but not poor enough to sell the Cardinal’s mansion. While on the subject of the Archdiocese finances the inevitable came up with the Diocese rep basically saying that the problem of sexually abusive priests in NY was not as bad as in for example Boston. He unfortunately left out that the Archdiocese along with the other NY area Dioceses were primarily responsible for defeating bill after bill which would have amended NY’s harsh statute of limitations. As an attorney who focuses his practice on representing victims of sexual abuse, Paul Mones understands that institutions like the Catholic Church need to be held accountable for their actions in not preventing  their employees from molesting innocent children. Victims of sexual abuse in New York of not just the Catholic Church but also of the Boy Scouts, various Orthodox Jewish Temples and Yeshivas, private schools and youth sports programs should be entitled to their day in court. The NY Statute of limitations needs to be  changed to allow these victims to have real justice.

US Swimming Sexual Abuse Scandal

It is important that parents realize that sexual abuse not only occurs in religious institutions like the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Jewish community, private schools (like the Horace Mann School in NYC  and the Landmark School in Boston), the Boys and Girls Club and other youth serving organizations, it also occurs in youth sports like swimming. As an attorney who focuses his practice on representing victims of sexual abuse, Paul Mones understands that parents and their children need to be ever-vigilant about the risk of sexual abuse from those persons working in youth sports who seemingly have the best interests of children at heart – like swimming coaches, soccer coaches and gymnastics coaches.  Sexual abuse in youth sports is unfortunately very real; parents, coaches and youth sports administrators cannot look the other way.

Court Grants Attorneys in Santa Barbara, CA to Use Perversion File in BSA Trial

This past week attorneys for a scout who was abused by his scoutmaster in 2008 – the boy had his pants pulled down at a troop sponsored Christmas tree selling lot – were granted the right to use the BSA perversion files from 1991 through 2012. The attorneys will also  use the same files that I got released along with my co-counsel Kelly Clark (Kelly died in 2013) in our 2010 landmark trial against the BSA in Portland, Oregon which resulted in a 19.9 million dollar verdict. The case we won in 2010 has become a blueprint for attorneys around the country to bring lawsuits on behalf of sexual abuse victims in the  BSA. This is the second time in less than a month (the other case  in Connecticut resulted on a 7 million dollar verdict) that attorneys have been granted the use of the BSA perversion files in a trial.

Boy Scout Leader Banned in 1985 Pleads Guilty For Taking Nude Photos of Boys

According to the Canton Republic, a former Boy Scout of America leader pleaded guilty on Monday for photographing boys he had befriended over the past 30 years. He was banned from the Scouts in 1985 after being accused of molesting and taking photos of a teenage boy. It is critically important for parents to be ever-vigilant since child molesters, for the most part,  do not operate by violently snatching victims off the street, rather they manipulate children and their families into believing that they are actually just interested in the child’s welfare.

Scoutmaster Arrested in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for Allegedly Sexually Abusing Scouts in the 1980’s


A former scoutmaster, James Thomas Davis Jr. was  charged this past week with molesting scouts  in a Winston-Salem Boy Scout troop in the 1980’s. The arrest concerned the alleged sexual abuse of two adolescent boy scouts in Troop 867 in Winston-Salem. In Portland, Oregon in 2010 I won an almost 20 million dollar judgment against the Boy Scouts of America arising out of the sexual abuse of a boy scout during this same time period – the 1980’s.  As an attorney who focuses his practice on representing victims of sexual abuse and who has advocated for victims of boy scout sexual abuse around the nation, Paul Mones has learned that parents and the community must be ever vigilant to protect their children from sexual molestation.

Diocese in New Mexico Released Names of 22 Priests Credibly Accused of Sexual Abuse

The road to justice for survivors of clergy sexual abuse has been very long, very rough and very difficult, but after decades of silence and coverup, the Catholic Church has been forced to face its deplorable treatment of innocent children. An example is that this past week, the Diocese of Gallup has just released a list of 22 priest who have been credibly accused of molesting children. As an attorney who represents victims of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, it is critical for all of us to  remember that abuse thrives in silence and only by letting the light of public scrutiny shine on the problem, will true justice prevail.





Assistant Scout Leader In NY Accused of Abusing Two Teenage Scouts

A Boy Scout Scout leader in Dutchess County, New York was charged last week with sexually molesting two scouts on a Scout sponsored hiking trip this past summer. The leader, Michael Kelsey, was also a politician who recently ran for office to become a state legislator. According to a local paper, Kelsey pleaded not guilty to sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child charges. His registration was suspended by the Boy Scouts of America. As an attorney who has represented numerous victims of Boy Scout sexual abuse throughout the nation, I have learned that it is critical for parents and the community to be ever vigilant in order to protect our children.

Child Porn Suspect Fleetwood Peeples May Have Molested a Dozen Scouts in Florida Bewteen 1980 and 1982

According to the Orlando Sentinel (, “A former Casselberry Boy Scout and Cub Scout leader arrested on child-pornography charges has admitted to police that he molested possibly a dozen young boys in his care during camping trips, new court documents say. A former Casselberry Boy Scout and Cub Scout leader arrested on child-pornography charges has admitted to police that he molested possibly a dozen young boys in his care during camping trips, new court documents say.”  The article goes on to state that despite news of Peeple’s arrest, none of Peeples’s victims, who were abused in the early 1980’s when they were between 5 and 12 years old, have come forward.

If all these allegation prove, this case proves several very important facts about sexual abuse in Scouting which are reflected in the BSA’s perversion files.  These files, which the BSA has maintained  for over 9 decades were publicly  released as a result of my 2010 Portland, Oregon case against the BSA, where I represented a victim who was abused in the same time period as those allegedly abused by Peeples. The jury in that case also awarded almost 20 million dollars to my client.   Like the allegations in the Peeple’s case, the  files proved first, that sexually abusive leaders molest numerous scouts in the troop; second that scouts are often abused during Scout related activities like camp outs and third, and perhaps most distressing, victims rarely come forward.

As difficult as it is, men who were sexually abused as Boy Scouts should not remain silent because hiding the abuse only makes it worse and as well, empowers the abuser.