Abuse Survivor Testimonials

Although each case rises and falls on its own merits, the testimonials below reflect Paul’s hard work and dedication on behalf of his clients.

“Paul worked diligently on my case which resulted in an outcome that I could not be more happy with. His passion for helping abuse survivors has allowed him to enter a world of much sorrow and pain. His courage in fighting through that world in order to reach me is what ultimately saved my life. Pulling me out of the darkness of my past and leading me into a bright future, Paul has helped restore my life.”

- Abuse survivor from New York

 "For many years I was torn, fearful and ashamed to tell the truth about what had happened to me at the hand of someone whom represented an organization I trusted and admired. This truth has also provided me the opportunity to feel freedom from a situation that was never of my own doing, my wishes or part of my own plan. There is a responsibility that victims of abuse share...their truth can perhaps save another young person from the burden of a similar fate of consequence. If it helps only one beside myself, then it was worth it.

Only Paul's steadfast support and his understanding devotion to seeing the correct and right thing through...gave me the strength to bring mine into the light. I will be forever grateful to him for standing beside me."

- Abuse survivor from Texas