Youth Sports Sexual Abuse Attorney

Youth sports are a vital part of most children’s lives. Whether it be Little League, USA Swimming, cheerleading, gymnastics, tennis or the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) children are taught to respect and obey their coaches. Coaches wield tremendous power and influence over the eager, young impressionable minds on their teams – and most do a good job. However, there are coaches who exploit the tremendous trust placed in them by their players. Sexual abuse occurs at all levels of sports from the introductory levels all the way through the traveling all-star teams for older players. Paul Mones has the experience to assist those who have been sexually abused by a coach, regardless of the sport.

Sexual Abuse By A Coach

While children and teens who are abused by their sports’ coaches experience the similar kinds of problems and issues faced by other victims of sexual abuse, those sexually abused by their coaches experience an array of additional problems like loss of interest in the sport, completely dropping their life-long passion and failing grades. For many children, their whole identity is wrapped up in their success on the field - being sexual abuse by a coach can risk destroying those dreams and aspirations which accompany success in sports. Paul Mones has the experience to assist those who were sexually abused by a coach.

Attorney Paul Mones - Sports Coach Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sexual abuse can produce very serious, very damaging emotional and psychological injuries. If you or a loved one was molested by sport’s coach - regardless of when it occurred – please contact Paul Mones to assist you in deciding what options are best for you.