Read Paul’s interview with a New Orleans area news station concerning the BSA’s perversion files.  >>READ STORY

Read Paul’s comments to the Associated Press on the financial storm being faced by the Boy Scouts of America because of their years of hiding the problems of sexual abuse. >>READ FULL STORY

Rockefeller University issued an investigative report in May 2019 concerning pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Reginald Archibald who, from the late 1940’s through the early 1980’s molested hundreds and hundreds of young children under the pretense that he would assist them with growth problems. The report acknowledged that Archibald abused children but fell way short of being […]

Please read Paul’s comments to the New Yorker magazine on compensation for victims of clergy abuse in New York. >>READ FULL STORY

Read Paul’s comments in Buzzfeed and that of his clients sexually abused by Reginald Archibald concerning the ethical and scientific issues raised by Archibald’s sexual abuse. >>READ FULL STORY

Read Paul’s comments to the Associated Press on the Boy Scout’s financial problems. >>READ FULL STORY

Read Paul’s comments on how the Catholic Church in Alabama has used the statute of limitations to protect itself from civil lawsuits. >>READ FULL STORY

Attorneys Irwin Zalkin and Paul Mones announced at a press conference in Torrance Tuesday a fifth sexual abuse civil suit against the organization. >>READ FULL STORY

On July 17, 2018, Paul along with co-counsel Irwin Zalkin filed a fifth lawsuit against the AYSO soccer league on behalf of a boy who has beens sexually abused by his coach Renoir Valenti who was convicted in 2014. View Paul’s comments at the press conference on this case filing. >>READ FULL STORY

A former Kent School student filed suit Wednesday against the school alleging that she was sexually abused by a teacher almost 30 years ago and treated cruelly by Kent staff and students after they learned of the abuse. Attorney, Paul Mones of Los Angeles said, “Our client hopes that by coming forward she will help […]

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