A law firm’s investigation of the Nichols School , an upstate New York prep school, concluded there were “credible reports of sexual misconduct or inappropriate emotional relationships with students involving 10 former Nichols faculty members” during the 1960s through the mid-2000s. The Nichols School’s Board of Trustees launched the investigation
Despite the continuing pain professed by those who allege charges of sexual harassment aganst Harvey Weinstein's  the clear majority of them will never see justice. Unless any of them experienced his alleged sexual indecencies and alleged aggressions within the last two years in California or during similar brief durations of time in other sta
The action on July 14th by the New Hampshire Attorney General to open a criminal investigation into the St. Paul’s School as it relates to the sexual abuse scandal that recently came to light, is nothing short of unprecedented. In every single case of sexual abuse at a private school or even a public school for that matter, the criminal focus is al
The Brearley School, a prestigious private girls school in NYC is now the latest private school to admit it had a problem with the sexual abuse of its students. Nancy Kestenbaum, the attorney who recently completed the Choate sexual abuse investigation will now focus her efforts on Brearley. The NYT quotes the school as saying, "We have recently be
Choate, one of the most prestigious private schools in the US which counts among its alumni President Kennedy and Edward Albee, is the latest in a string of elite private schools, including St. George’s School, Taft School, Thayer Academy and Concord Academy to now bare its institutional soul and publicly admit its shameful history of the sexual ab
The sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, private schools and public schools has dominated our national dialogue, but now thanks to terrific reporting by the Indianapolis Star, the nation knows that gymnastics programs throughout the United States also are plagued sexual abuse ( http://indy.st/2hSwA4k ). The problem exten
Former Scoutmaster Eugene Perrault of Newfields, New Hampshire was arrested this past week for the alleged sexual abuse of a Boy Scout in the 1990's. According to the Manchester Union Leader, the police are also investigating whether there are other alleged Boy Scout victims. To read the entire article go to:   http://bit.ly/2eKaDnf . The vict
An assistant wrestling coach, Matthew Michael Bautista, from North High School in Torrance, California has been arrested for having sexual relations with a 16 year old student. The alleged abuse occurred during 2016. Read the entire news story at http://bit.ly/2eR6oa6 . The news account points out that the arrest of Mr. Bautista came just one day a
Last week according to a story in the Poughkeepsie Journal, Michael Kelsey, a Scoutmaster and former Dutchess County, New York legislator, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for sexually abusing two teenage boys in his troop in 2014 ( http://pojonews.co/2f1eikP ). In May 2016, a jury found Kelsey guilty of first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree
The Olympic flame for the 2016 games has long been extinguished, but allegations of sexual abuse once again has the attention focused on the USA Gymnastics team. A team doctor, already facing two allegations of sexual abuse, now faces 16 additional complaints. According to the New York Daily News , Dr. Larry Nassar was accused of sexual abuse by 20