Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Youth Coach Jack Thomas Spans Two States

Jack ‘Buck’ Thomas, a youth softball coach was arrested on sexual assault charges in Waddell, Arizona. According to Crime Online, Jack “Buck” Thomas was arrested for sexually assaulting a number of juvenile victims, all of whom were children he coached in baseball and softball. He was arrested by Maricopa County police in Waddell, Arizona.

It is alleged that Thomas molested juvenile players in both Arizona and California and that victims were sexually abused in both states when they traveled for training. Police are currently seeking other victims in the case. Current reports do not include the number of victims in the case, though it is estimated to be multiple minors. The alleged events occurred during private hitting instruction sessions. Thomas was running a coaching business aimed at young baseball and softball players. Reports were initially filed after he had inappropriately touched a number of victims.

The charges against Thomas include eight counts of sexual assault of a minor as well as three counts of burglary. Authorities have stated that he remains behind bars until extradition to California occurs.

Coaches often have access to victims in a way that other individuals do not, and many reports of inappropriate contact between coaches and players have come out over the past several years. If you believe your child’s coach has been inappropriate, investigate the situation and contact the police. It’s always better to take your child’s safety seriously.