Two Diocese of Rockville Centre Priests Under Investigation For New Sex Abuse Complaint

The Diocese of Rockville Center, a diocese that covers Nassau and Suffolk Counties, is now investigating allegations against Monsignor William Breslawski that stem back to the 1980s. The priest has been accused both of sexual abuse as well as unwanted contact. He has stepped down from his duties as pastor of St. Anthony of Padua in Rocky Point, New York during the course of the investigation, according to The New York Daily News.

The investigation stems from a letter sent September 25 to the Rockville Centre Diocese that accused the priest of abusing a middle school aged child. The letter referenced another complaint against the priest that detailed an assault against a middle school aged child in 1980, just a year after Breslawski was ordained. That complaint had been filed in 2002. Because the individual making the complaint in 2002 did not contact officials, no further investigation was made. Law enforcement now has the name of that individual so they can look into the situation.

During this investigation, the diocese uncovered yet another complaint made in 2002 from two different adults who reported inappropriate interactions with the priest in 1984. He had had unwanted physical contact with at least one of them.

In September 2018, another Diocese of Rockville Centre priest, Fr. Brian J. Binker has also stepped down because of allegations of sexual abuse.

A story in discussed the investigation of both priests.

According to the local prosecutor, the statute of limitations on a prosecution in the earlier cases has expired, making criminal prosecution impossible. The NY state legislature is now considering passing the Child Victims Act. The Child Victims would change the very restrictive statute of limitations in NY state that now prohibits any victim from suing an entity like a Diocese for sexual abuse after their 23rd birthday. A key element of the proposed legislation is a window that would allow anyone who had been sexually abused during their life to sue during the period of the window. Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests deserve justice.