Op-Ed Suggests CA May Need to Revisit Sex Abuse Cases In Catholic Church

A Sept. 12 op-ed by Gustavo Arellano of the LA Times has suggested that in light of the recent PA grand jury report detailing the abuse against more than 1000 victims, the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra needs to revisit the sex abuse cases in California. Arellano’s argument revolves around the fact that many of the bishops and cardinals involved in the problem have never faced consequences and are alive to do so. Thanks to the fact New Jersey and New York have already relaunched investigations into their problems, Arellano suggests that the fight should continue in California.

Arellano cites a number of cases to support his thesis. He suggested that the 1981 case of Jerome Henson, a priest from the Dominican Republic that was caught with a 13 year old boy, then transferred to Reno, then to Orange is an outrage. The priest served quite a bit of time in the church while parishioners were completely unaware of the problem.

Arellano goes on to cite a cover-up that involved a priest, Oliver O’Grady, who was working in Stockton when he admitted to molestation, but the Diocese manages to persuade officials they would keep him away from children and put him in therapy. He would go on to assault dozens more until his conviction in 1993.

District attorneys have also been involved. In 1975, church officials reported a priest had molested a boy, but instead of prosecuting it, the state requested treatment for the priest instead. Eventually, that priest, Eleuterio Ramos, went on to assault 25 boys.

According to Arellano, Senators like Kamala Harris who claim to be tough on sex crimes continually fail to be that way with the Catholic Church. Even the Governor has refused to do more, the editorial suggests.

The crimes of priests and those who covered up the abuse deserve to be heard. If you or someone you love has been abused at the hands of the church or in any other situation, contact Paul today.