Teacher Arrested in Torrance, CA for Having Sexual Relations with Teenage Student

An assistant wrestling coach, Matthew Michael Bautista, from North High School in Torrance, California has been arrested for having sexual relations with a 16 year old student. The alleged abuse occurred during 2016. Read the entire news story at http://bit.ly/2eR6oa6.

The news account points out that the arrest of Mr. Bautista came just one day after Torrance High School Wrestling coach Thomas Snider was convicted of numerous sexual abuse-related charges with 25 boys. The sexual abuse of students by teachers has been a serious problem in LA County for many years and it is a problem that plagues public and private schools around the nation. Sexual abuse of students causes many long term emotional and psychological problems for the students as they mature into adulthood – problems that can stay with them for their lifetime. The sexual abuse of students needs to be aggressive ly addressed by schools to insure their students can learn in a safe environment. Schools need to be held responsible and accountable in a court of law for the injuries caused when one of their students is sexually abused by a teacher or coach.