Criminal Defense

Patricide and Matricide Cases

When a child is charged with killing a parent, it is a profound family tragedy of unimaginable proportions.  The sad reality is that the overwhelming majority of children, teenagers and young adults who kill their mothers or fathers do so as a direct response to extreme family dysfunction which usually manifests itself in the form of the child being sexually, physically or psychologically abused.  Because patricides and matricides occur so infrequently in the U.S., few defense attorneys have had any significant experience in defending them. Paul Mones is aware of no other attorney in the nation who has focused his practice on representing persons accused of patricide and matricides.

Paul wrote what is considered the landmark book on this subject entitled, When A Child Kills: Abuse Children Who Kill Their Parents (Pocketbooks 1991).  This book has been cited as an authoritative source by several state appellate courts and has been referred to in over twenty legal journal articles. In addition, my criminal work also includes other types of intra-family and abuse-based homicides as well as teen homicides not related to abuse.

If you are a loved one, relative, friend or associated in any other way with a person has been charged with killing their mother, father or guardian, please contact Paul Mones. The first consultation is free and confidential.

Paul Mones understands that at the heart of successfully defending these homicides is a thorough understanding of the complex emotional and psychological dynamics that lead to these homicides. If you have been charged with killing someone who has physically or sexually abused you, please contact Paul Mones. The first consultation is free and confidential.

Paul Mones serves clients in Oregon and California where he is admitted to practice law. He also has cooperative relationships with other attorneys around the nation and through pro hac vice admissions, can provide assistance to victims and accused persons in other states. For more information, please contact Paul using his online contact form.