Selecting An Attorney to Represent You

Choosing an attorney to represent you in a child abuse case is a critical decision. I suggest you closely examine the other attorneys’ websites you are considering and decide whether the attorney has the necessary experience,  understanding  and dedication  to child abuse  issues that your case demands. First examine the website and determine if the lawyer’s practice  is primarily focused on child sexual abuse cases or other children’s or adult survivor issues. For example, is sexual abuse just one of a long laundry list of matters the attorney works on in addition to cases like motor vehicle accidents, products liability, medical malpractice and the like? Carefully look for any experience the attorney has in child sexual abuse or any children’s related issues. In addition to actual cases, has the lawyer  for example written any articles on molestation or delivered any professional talks on the subject? Has he or she ever been And though the vast majority of cases settle before trial, determine whether the attorney has actually ever tried a child abuse case.  Don’t stop here. After reviewing the website information, do your own internet research on the attorney to further help you determine if he or she has the necessary qualifications and experience. Finally, after you have done all of your homework, call that attorney or make an appointment to see him or her. Use the face to face meeting or the phone conversation to ask the lawyer specific questions that are relevant to your problem. First and foremost find out if the attorney has ever handled a case involving the facts and issues similar to the one you have.  Ask the attorney if he or she has  ever tried an abuse case before a jury?

After carefully considering all of these factors, you will then be in the best position to make a reasoned decision about whether Paul Mones is the right choice for you.